Faliero Sarti I15-3244 NEW BONNY S&/

Faliero Sarti I15-3244 NEW BONNY S&/

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ファリエロ サルティが得意とするストーンウォッシュ加工で仕上げた、ボリュームのある大判サイズ。

◆サイズ:Free/幅約134.0cm 長さ約198.0cm
1949年、イタリア・フィレンツェで設立された、Faliero Sarti(ファリエロサルティ)は、イタリアを代表する最高級テキスタイルメーカーとして、世界的に有名なメゾンの生地を手掛けるなど、世界中のファッション産業を支えてきた。
1992年創業者の孫にあたる、Monica Sartiによって、 最高級のテキスタイルを使用した最高級のストールコレクションとしてブランドがスタート。

◆Color : 36120(White系)、36142(Gray系)、36143(Beige系)
◆Materials : rayon(modalu)85%、silk15%
◆Size : F/width approx. 134.0cm, length approx. 198.0cm
◆made in Italy
* This product may have uneven dyeing and slight fraying from the manufacturing process. These are qualities peculiar to this product and are not defects. Also, the product may have a slight smell of dye, although this smell normally disappears. Please note that we cannot accept a product returned for the above reasons. * Because of simultaneous sale at stores, item may be sold out. * Actual size measurements may differ slightly from stated size measurements.


Established in Florence, Italy in 1949, this brand started as a textile manufacturer providing the highest quality textiles to fashion houses around the world. In 1992 Monica Sarti, granddaughter of the founder, took the brand into high fashion, creating a neckwear (stoles, scarves) line that makes full use of the brand's stock of fine textiles. With an unmatched design sense and technical expertise honed over many decades of experience, combined with the distinctive texture and feel of its products, Faliero Sarti continues to attract the fashion world's top buyers.